The meaning of life

Autori:Marc Jablonski

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I could feel the knife piercing my skin. One creature's love is another creature's misery. I was in pain, but I couldn't move. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't scream. I was in utter agony, but life is cruel. I never expected to suffer like this. I was born without the possibility of killing myself. Without the choice to continue or give up. I wasn't capable of giving up. No, I was created to continue a greater idea. A balance in life. A harmony. Yet, each one of us suffers. Can you hear the sound of misery in unison. It's hard to miss. There is talk of hell. I'd like to see what hell is. I'd like to see how anything could possibly be worse than this. The knife is just another item of my forever destruction. I can't be destroyed. My body may be burnt and cut, but I feel every single flame, and every single slice of my exterior. A heart on my skin. Two names engraved permanently on my soul. I have been marked. I have been humiliated and left for nothing. Life is so cruel that I cannot die. I cannot leave this planet.

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