All Just Is The Two Sides of All


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To claim that this work is a creation is exactly the opposite of its intent. The delusion that grips our senses and overwhelms our society must be destroyed. Yet how do you destroy something that isn’t real? To create another set of symbolic artifacts would only introduce a new line of clothing for the same old king. The king must be defrocked and dethroned… not dressed in another and the latest fad, to look all shiny and new again. It would be nice to create a wonderful set of words to sweep the ignorance of countless generations away forever. But the creation would necessarily assume the faulty construction of the original design, when nothing could be further from the truth. It is not what’s real that is the problem, but what we perceive as real. The reality that surrounds us, that we consider real, is nothing more than fragments of the true reality. Immersed as we are in the Great Lie, the truth is barely perceivable.

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